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Mandala Workshops 


Discover the gratifying experience of making your own mandala. Think of it as the echo of your soul or your connection to something divine. 


Mandala workshops, invite you to explore your soul through  guided practice, meditations, intentions and sacred ceremony .


As part of each mandala workshop you will complete one or more colorful mandalas of your own.  Every person is a unique and creative being, each personal creative experience is honored and respected.


Workshops with mandala art teach you a healing and creative technique that will offer you a meaningful life skill, you can bring to your meditative practice and to share with family, friends and community.


Creating Mandalas are easy for anyone, any age, you don’t need and special artistic talent to create your soul art .


Our Workshops are usually 4 hours and often include a light meal.

Group sizes are often limited to but not restricted to seating of 12 for an intimate sacred circle.


Workshops included all art materials.


Rates are determined in numbers of attending, location & hospitality needs.


To book your mandala group or personal workshop find our contact information on the Bio or Contact page of website.


 Explore the possibilities to bring healing to your life .



To Hold Space is to rest in the chaos that is darkness, a darkness that represents a vast field of unknown potential . It is this field that you are inviting to hum. From this field understanding will blossom, light will emerge, possibilites will grow .


Quote from "Embodiment"  The Tao of space by Chris Corrigan 

Workshops and Pricing 

Mandala workshops are offered with many different   themes and intentions.  Various groups require many different apsects to be brought into the circle , workshops are priced according to number of people, theme, age groups , location, hospitality needs  etc. Please contact me to discuss your options today. 

Some Mandala workshop themes 


Chakras- understanding , healing and opening 

Awakening out of suffering - Hospice staff and volunteers

also works well with Grief support.

Celebrating & Honouring our sacred water  a special  workshop for our elements 

Dancing with the Moon-  Mandalas and  our moon phases

Spirit of place - Connecting with the sacredness of place.

Sacred Balance- The divine feminine and masculine enrgies meet in the sacred vesica pisces.

Magical numbers- using  simple numbers to create symmetry

in a sacred circle , great forcshildren 

Our Bodies energy -  our bodies enrgy -great for children 

Sacred Geometry - the sacred mathimatical design in nature and art throughout the ages .

Ancient Sign and Symbols - bringing  deep meaning to the sacred symbols we feel connected to . 

Out of our Vulnerabilites  comes our strength. - seeing be the shodow of self  and bringing healing to them . 

All you need is love - a heart opeing and sharing 

Community & Special Event Sand Mandala 


Consider bringing this mandala unity event to your special day, birthdays, weddings, special  grand  opening events, funerals, memorials, community gathering .


Sand Mandalas in a group setting have way of joining all ages in a sense of unity and imperminence .  Contact me for details for your upcoming event . All materials and facilitating provided. 



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