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Mandala Art Facilitating


by Kathleen Kinasewich

Of Soul Circle Mandalas

Creating Healing Mandala art is a therapeutic form of art that is guided by your trained facilitator for you to open your heart and soul into the sacredness of the circle. Each workshop is designed on individual needs and outcomes. No art experience is needed.

What I bring to your community

Sand Mandala co-creations for Celebrations, Births, Grand openings, Celebration of life, other special events.

Youth workshops,using educational curriculum designed with educators and students in mind, cultural, emotional healing approach brought to each sacred circle. Schools, Indian Bands, Health centers.

Mental Health groups, Mandala circles for healing using therapeutic mandala art. Youth or and adult workshops. Themes for healing – Grief, Self esteem building, addictions, suicide, emotional balance, support for staff of hospice –social workers- medical- psychology workers, Eco-Psychologyand more.

Adults workshops for woman and men, exploring themes as grief, belonging, emotional imbalance, Earth based healing, addictions, self esteem building and so much more.

  • Contact Kathleen Kinasewich at Soul Circle Mandalas to explore your options for a workshop your . All ages, all denominations and genders accepted and honoured.

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