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Mandala Art in the Classroom 


Learning in the Sacred Circle.


Mandalas can open our hearts to an ancient path and a new way of learning from the heart. 


As your Mandala guide in the classroom, I work in collaboration with educators in desinging a Mandala Art class that works with educators  ciriculum  .


Mandala classes in schools, work with body sciences ( our energy bodies) , trust, self esteem building, biology, math, writing  & local and indigenous languages. Each classroom is different , teachers work with me to choose what curriculum or social impact issues they would like to see us work with in the sacred circle.


Making Manadalas in the classroom is a process of learning that the students will remember . It is learning from the heart , it stays with us forever. 


At the conclusion of our class  we have many mandalas to share with our classmates, families and communities .We also publish a book for the students and the school library to always have a memory or thier learning from the heart. 






Slideshow below- please watch






 Dear Educators-


          Please feel free to contact me personally to discuss what needs you have in the classroom

for integrating mandalas to your students learning in curriculum or in a social or individual need . Each classroom and student may have a special need that we can work with .

                 In each mandala class, all art supplies, props and music is provided for you.

No artistic experience is required , as each of us have a different expression of our hearts. 

Teachers timelines and students attendance changes daily, we can work with you to have the

best outcome for our mandala program .


Suggested subjects -Science, Body science, Animals, Math, Language,.


other - Grief, loss, dreams, wishes, family , personal empowerment  .


                   Prices vary on number of students per group, number of sessions  ( average is 4 ) at 1 hour

and 15 min . ea. , travel ,lodging and  other special requirements. 






















Other Art Projects ..

  Summer School and Art Camp 

 Summer School  and Summer Camp art projects create a freedom for children  outside of the regular school program . Interestd in hiring an instructor or coordinator for your Summer School or Art Camp  -Gauranteed Fun and expanded  Creativety .

Please find us on our contact us page. 


Art Starts - B.C. Arts Council Grants for Arts in Schools

In November 2014, I was chosen  to attend Arts in Education an Arts Council of B.C. Program called "Learning Lab Initiatives" 

a week long program of Arts in Education at Thompson Rivers University . A true gift of inspiration and sharing of ideas and building of ideas to bring more Arts into B.C. Schools. This  tremendous group of individuals with Art Starts program , shared dance,drama,  movement, visual arts, musical arts and how magical it is to bring this beauty into Curriculum in the Schools. 

If you are looking for an Artists to bring visuall Arts into your classroom, please contact me for details , lets talk. 

 Together we can bring the creativety into learning , together. 


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