Mandala Art in the Classroom 


Learning in the Sacred Circle.


Mandalas can open our hearts to an ancient path and a new way of learning from the heart. 


As your Mandala guide in the classroom, I work in collaboration with educators in desinging a Mandala Art class that works with educators  ciriculum  .


Mandala classes in schools, work with body sciences ( our energy bodies) , trust, self esteem building, biology, math, writing  & local and indigenous languages. Each classroom is different , teachers work with me to choose what curriculum or social impact issues they would like to see us work with in the sacred circle.


Making Manadalas in the classroom is a process of learning that the students will remember . It is learning from the heart , it stays with us forever. 


At the conclusion of our class  we have many mandalas to share with our classmates, families and communities .We also publish a book for the students and the school library to always have a memory or thier learning from the heart. 






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 Dear Educators-


          Please feel free to contact me personally to discuss what needs you have in the classroom

for integrating mandalas to your students learning in curriculum or in a social or individual need . Each classroom and student may have a special need that we can work with .

                 In each mandala class, all art supplies, props and music is provided for you.

No artistic experience is required , as each of us have a different expression of our hearts. 

Teachers timelines and students attendance changes daily, we can work with you to have the

best outcome for our mandala program .


Suggested subjects -Science, Body science, Animals, Math, Language,.


other - Grief, loss, dreams, wishes, family , personal empowerment  .


                   Prices vary on number of students per group, number of sessions  ( average is 4 ) at 1 hour

and 15 min . ea. , travel ,lodging and  other special requirements. 






















Other Art Projects ..

  Summer School and Art Camp 

 Summer School  and Summer Camp art projects create a freedom for children  outside of the regular school program . Interestd in hiring an instructor or coordinator for your Summer School or Art Camp  -Gauranteed Fun and expanded  Creativety .

Please find us on our contact us page. 



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